Battery Production

Design and R&D Support

For our customers engaged in industrial production, we produce the most appropriate and fastest solution through our engineers, considering their size and capacity needs in different chemistry, voltage and current.


Special Design Battery Solutions

Özel Batarya Formu Doldur

Fill in the Form: Fill in the information in the form in line with the features you need (battery chemistry, configurations, voltage value, discharge current, pulse duration, size, humidity and temperature ranges, waiting time on the shelf...) and send it to us.

Tecrübeli Mühendis Kadrosu

Let Our Engineers Examine: Our experienced engineers find possible results with simulations created by making technical analysis and calculations in the light of the data you have provided. Thus, errors and time losses are minimized.

Projenize Uygun Batarya Tasarımı

Let's Design the Most Suitable Battery for Your Project: In line with on-site inspection, technical analysis and price-performance options, we offer a solution partnership for the design and production of the most suitable battery for your project, keeping mutual communication for the most accurate result.


Tasarım Batarya Bloğu Özel Tasarım Batarya