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1 - User Battery and Battery Solutions

Batteries are one of the products that almost everyone uses frequently in their daily life. It is with us in every aspect of our lives, including the clock in our home, our computer, shaver, flashlight, home and smart phones. In addition to daily use, end-user products that require high voltage are also a part of our lives. Handheld terminals, POS devices, medical devices, scooters, cameras and cameras also benefit from battery and battery technology. You can reach our products that will meet all the battery and battery needs of our end-user customers on our online sales site.

2 - Industrial Battery Solutions

As the official distributor of the world's most respected battery manufacturers, we meet the battery needs of our industrial customers in different chemistry. We are with you in the industrial battery supply of natural gas and water meters, electric doors, oil exploration devices, hardware, mechatronic designs, robotic devices, defense industry and all other technological sectors that require high time / capacity.

3 - Battery Solutions

The widest range of products for UPS devices, ATV vehicles, cars, medical devices, electric bikes and motorcycles. You can supply our dry and gel batteries with 6 months performance guarantee according to your needs.

4 - Charger Solutions

Along with the rechargeable battery technology, chargers have also become a part of our lives. Charge the rechargeable batteries we use in order to increase the savings in the devices we use daily, using our economical, stylish and high quality chargers. In addition to rechargeable batteries, you can purchase chargers for your camera and camera batteries. You can find easily portable and safe chargers for your battery-powered vehicles and devices.

5 - Adapter Solutions

In addition to the chargers, you can also obtain adapters that you can use as both a charging and a power unit from Birikim Batteries.

6 - Lantern and Lighting Solutions

Discover our lanterns and lighting products in different sizes and strengths that you can use in every area. The best and widest range of lighting solutions for camping, hunting, fishing and exploration enthusiasts are here. Discover our non-rechargeable and rechargeable flashlights with advanced LED and halogen technology.

7 - Powerbank Solutions

It is not possible to charge smartphones and tablets in open areas without access to electricity. With its wide product range, you can buy powerbank devices in dozens of different sizes, capacities and designs.

8 - Battery Fire Prevention Solutions

Safe-Xtra is an environmentally friendly, mineral-based fire extinguishing material designed to combat battery fires and as a preventative measure against fire formation. Take precautions to prevent battery-related fires without harming and polluting the environment, thanks to the Safe-Xtra fire-preventing material, which is especially designed with the risk of burning and explosion of lithium batteries.

9 - Battery Grouping Equipment

Extending battery and battery group production in our country is the first step to reduce our dependence on foreign sources in this field. Examine our battery grouping equipment to improve production awareness by presenting the materials we have to our dealers all over Turkey and to popularize battery renewal throughout the country. Everything you need to manufacture batteries for drill batteries, medical devices and emergency lighting devices is here.

10 - Design Battery Group R&D Solutions

For our customers engaged in industrial production, we produce the most appropriate and fastest solution through our engineers, considering their size and capacity needs in different chemistry, voltage and current. Fill in the form below for battery designs suitable for your needs, let our expert engineers examine your request and let us design the most suitable battery for your project together.

Special Design Battery Request Form

11 - Battery Logistics and Customs Consultancy Solutions

In the context of the European Union harmonization laws and the Global Air Transport Regulation, we provide professional consultancy services to our customers in the logistics and customs phase for the supply of their products on battery transportation and import, which is becoming more stringent day by day.

12 - Professional Battery and Battery Testing Solutions

Batteries; It can find a wide range of applications in transportation, renewable energy, emergency lighting, medical devices, uninterrupted power systems and electrical hand tools. As the daily use of rechargeable batteries increases, their safety, performance, capacity and durability are becoming more and more important.

* Battery/Battery capacity test

* Battery/Battery specific scenario test

* Battery/Battery performance test