Scholarship Regulation

To apply for a scholarship, you can send a CV from the HR department or send an e-mail to


The purpose of this regulation is to determine the rules regarding the scholarships to be given by Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. to provide education and training to talented but financially deprived young people and to bring them into the community.


Successful young people with limited financial means, enrolled in higher education institutions and doing undergraduate / graduate education can benefit from the provisions of this regulation.


a) Determination of the number of scholarship holders

The number of scholarship holders is determined by the Human Resources Department, with the proposal of the Human Resources Department and the approval of the General Manager, taking into account the company's need for human resources in the future and the annual amount allocated to educational scholarships each year.

b) Amount of scholarships

The monetary amount of the scholarships is determined by the Human Resources Department before the start of each academic year. CPI increases are taken into account in this determination. Whether or not the increase is made depends on the approval of the General Manager.

c) Duration of scholarships

Scholarships are awarded for one year as a rule and are paid for the period from the beginning to the end of the academic year. This period corresponds to 9 months.

d) The principle of reciprocal scholarships

It is essential that the scholarships are mutual. Upon completion of their education, the scholars are transferred to Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. They accept in advance to work in the task assigned by them. Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. It is authorized to exempt the scholarship holder from compulsory service when it deems necessary.

e) Benefiting from scholarships and reasons for preference

Without prejudice to the right of Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. to choose the students to be awarded a scholarship, the following points are taken into consideration when choosing among the students to be awarded a scholarship:

- The financial situation of the student and his/her family should not be sufficient and/or very limited to continue his/her education and training.
- The financial situation of the student or his/her family is not taken into consideration in the scholarships to be awarded for outstanding achievement.
- The student must be successful...
- For those who are in intermediate classes, the course average up to that class is the highest,
- Needing financial support for the education and training year more than other applications,
- Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. Other reasons to be determined by the Human Resources Department are preferred.

f) Application

In order to benefit from the scholarship, the student must apply based on the following information and documents:

- The student makes a personal statement stating that his/her family's financial situation is not sufficient or that he/she is superior.
- The student applying for the scholarship also submits the following documents to the Scholarship Request Petition:
-- Certificate of birth registration (from the Civil Registry Office)
-- Document stating the income status of the head of the family (document from the workplace and payroll photocopy of the last month). For self-employed persons, a copy of the previous year's tax certificate,
-- Document showing the success at school, if any,
-- ÖSYM Result Document for those who have started university for the first time, and an educational institution document showing the order of success at the entrance,
-- For middle class students; Educational institution document showing the grades received from the courses in the current year or semester, the grade point average of all the courses, the order of success in the class and the upper class they are enrolled in,
-- Document and undergraduate graduation degree from the relevant institution for new graduates.

g) Commitment

If the student to whom the scholarship is granted is a minor, he/she and his/her guardian sign the "Commitment for the special education scholarship to be given by Birikim Pilleri Battery San. accepts in advance.

h) Scholarship Payment

Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. transfers the monthly scholarships of the students with full documents to their bank addresses, effective from the beginning of October.

Discontinuation of the scholarship: The scholarship of students who receive a scholarship is immediately terminated in case of one of the following situations:
-- Disciplinary penalty in the educational institution where the student attends (except for the warning penalty)
- Determining that the student has an attitude and behavior that is incompatible with his/her student status for whatever reason,
- Determining that the student no longer needs financial support,
- Conviction of the student for any crime,
-- The student quits his/her education voluntarily or due to failure, indiscipline, absenteeism, health status, legal or similar reasons.

I) Renewal of the scholarship

As long as the conditions for benefiting from the scholarship continue and on the condition of documenting the student's success at the end of the academic year, the scholarship can continue in the following year by re-applying.


Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. scholarships are mutual. The aim of Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Scholars inform the Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. Human Resources Department within 1 month when their education is complete and they can start their compulsory service obligation immediately. If the scholarship holder is called for military service immediately, they must send the photocopy of the thuluth to the Human Resources Department and apply for a job within one month after the military service period ends.

The duties, workplace and job title of the scholarship holder are determined by Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. Human Resources Department, taking into account their education and training.

Compulsory study period is as long as the scholarship period. However, since the annual scholarship amount is given to the scholarship holder in 9 equal months, 9 months in the calculation of the compulsory study period; It will be calculated as 1 year. For periods shorter than 9 months, a cut will be made.
In the event that the scholar does not apply to the Birikim Pilleri to fulfill his obligatory service obligation within one month after completing his/her education, has to resign through his own fault before the obligatory service obligation period expires, or acts in a way that causes the scholarship to be cut off during his/her education, the scholarship payment he/she receives as specified in the undertaking shall is obliged to pay the amount equivalent to the US dollar of the day to Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Mandatory service obligation of the scholarship holder, who cannot be assigned a task by the Human Resources Department at the end of 2 months following the scholarship application, is temporarily suspended for 10 years. Scholars may start to work in another workplace, since they cannot be assigned by Birikim Pilleri within 2 months after their application. If the scholarship holder, whose compulsory service obligation is suspended, leaves this workplace for any reason before the end of 10 years, he applies again to Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. within 1 month to fulfill his compulsory service obligation.


Birikim Pilleri Batarya Teknolojileri A.Ş. The Human Resources department is responsible for the implementation of this regulation accepted by the General Directorate.

Amendments to be made in the provisions of the Regulation with the approval of the General Manager are binding on the scholars as of the date of their entry into force.