Power-Xtra PX200 Ni-Mh-Ni-Cd AA-AAA-9V Charger

How do we charge our rechargeable batteries, which we now use in many areas of our lives and save us from being dependent on a cable?

While charging our batteries, which we often leave on charge at night while sleeping, are we sure that the batteries heat up as a safety precaution, that they are inserted backwards into our device, that they turn off when fully charged?

When we buy a long-lasting rechargeable battery to use it for a longer time, does our charger have a charge cut-off feature to charge this battery?

Does your charger charge the battery with a constant current for a constant time without recognizing it? Can it adequately charge your battery?

Hand over your rechargeable batteries to safe chargers.

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As Birikim Pilleri, we are proud to introduce our Power-Xtra PX200 device, which we have designed based on the current needs of the Consumer, and offered for use with an Ergonomic, Economical and Safe design.

With the Power-Xtra PX200 Charger, you can safely charge your AA / AAA and 9V batteries, which are the most used models in rechargeable batteries and chargers that we use to protect our environment and save money.

• It is easy to use and comfortable to carry with 5V 1A Micro USB Charge input.

• You can safely operate your Power-Xtra PX200 Charger by using Socket type Mobile phone charger adapters and vehicle Type Mobile phone charger adapters that give 5V Output. When the power supplied by your adapter is insufficient, two LED lights will flash at the same time and warn you.

• With the Power-Xtra PX200 Charger, you can charge 3 models of batteries with NiMh / NiCd Chemistry, AA / AAA and 9V.

• When you energize the Power-Xtra PX200 Charger (when you connect it to the adapter), it completes the power-on test within a short time like 1.5 seconds, thanks to the microprocessor inside, and informs you that it is ready for use when it goes out.

• The Power-Xtra PX200 Charger, designed in accordance with the technical structure of rechargeable batteries, has a negative voltage detection function as a precaution against reverse insertion of the batteries. Thanks to this feature, it warns you when you insert your batteries incorrectly and switches to short circuit protection. At this stage, the charging light will turn off. As soon as we place our rechargeable batteries correctly, the Power-Xtra PX200 Charger's lights will flash and start charging. When charging is complete, the indicator LED will remain on continuously.

• When you insert a non-rechargeable broken battery to charge, its microprocessor will cut off the charge of the Power-Xtra PX200 Charger after pre-charge detection and stop the process.

• Power-Xtra PX200 Charger Fully charges your batteries according to its capacity, thanks to its –dV detection feature thanks to its microprocessor.

• Average Charge time is 8 hours*