Offers for Our Workers

Major Services

All of our employees are offered a multinet application for road fare (except for those using company vehicles) and meals.

Necessary Tools and Equipment

Company vehicle, laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. are provided in accordance with the position.

Private Pension

By opening Private Pension accounts for all our employees, we contribute more to the future of our employees.

Special days

We present gifts to our employees who get married and have new children.

Religious holidays

We offer refreshments to all our employees on religious days.

Image Support

We make payments for personal images of employees in accordance with the position.


We ensure that our employees take leave on their birthdays so that they can spend their birthdays with their loved ones.

Public Holidays

Our employees do not work on public holidays and public holidays.


In Birikim Pilleri, official and religious holidays and annual leave are carried out in accordance with the law.


We organize many events every year to increase the motivation of our employees.