FAQ's Birikim Batteries

Which battery should I get?

We recommend that you check the information written on the battery tab of the product you are using, or choose a product according to your product's user manual. We specialize in manufacturing and supply of all types of batteries, accumulators and battery packs to end users and industrial players. We are proud of providing domestic and international services and products with our own brands, distributorships and R&D center and we have established special solutions for you in our custom design battery cell groups. We are excited likewise it is the first day of our company after spending 20 years in battery solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for any of your demands in battery industry.

Do you have any custom solutions that is specific to the battery in my product?

Yes. You can renew your battery by replacing the internal cells of the battery in your product or you can get into contact to us for custom industrial solutions. For example, you can renew the battery of your devices by bringing them to our shops or you can get into contact with our sales team to find out the proper solution for the product you wish to create or sell.

Any suggestions on battery charging?

The healthiest method when charging a battery is to ensure that it is powered by a current taht is equal to the 10% of the total battery capacity. By this way, your battery will be healthier, you can charge it safely and you get full performance from your battery.

Li-Ion or Ni-Cd?

Li-ion is a new technology and a chemistry that may be evolved and inspired the different stages of low-emision energy field in the future. Today, every charged product is now offered with li-ion technology. From electric vehicles; to electric bicycles (e-bikes), from small household appliances; to hardware products and medical devices. Moreover, a wide range of lithium-ion technology surrounds the battery world, from military and commercial drones to  security systems and mobile phones.

On the other hand, Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh, is an older technology, safer in terms of security but no longer as popular as it used to be. Lithium-ion technology is more advantageous both in terms of the space it occupies and the V value and A value you will get from a single cell.

However, these two technologies are not products that can be substituted for each other in terms of usage areas. In other words, it is not possible to convert a product that works with Ni-cd to Li-ion.

Just as you cannot run a diesel fueled vehicle by putting gasoline, you cannot run a product with Ni.Cd technology with Li.Ion. The reverse is also not possible.

What are the points I should pay attention to when carrying batteries, accumulators or special purpose pack batteries?

There are 3 points that you should definitely pay attention to when transporting batteries, accumulators or special purpose battery packs.

1. Do not subject to impact.

2. Do not let it be transported in wet and humid environment.

3. Do not carry(t)carry it in an environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.

If I have the battery, battery or battery pack manufactured by you, which tests can you perform or for which tests can you provide documentation?

Capacity test,

Aging test,

Climate test,

Life-cycle test,

Tightness test,

or with the information you provide in accordance with the scenario in use, we can support you with special scenario tests.

As for the certification part, we have ISO and OHSAS certificates for our production process.

Moreover we provide test services for our customers. Our test devices are those used and approved by TSE and TUBITAK (National Science Institute of Turkey). But they are not accredited. Since they are not accredited, the documents we will give do not have legal validity. It is for informational purposes only.