Our Human Resources Principles

•   Customer Focus
Our main goal is to establish high-quality, reliable, flexible, fast and solution partnership-based relationships with our customers.

•   Innovation
We want to be a leader in guiding and technological and innovative developments in our sector..

•   Respect and Reliability
We are a reliable and respectful company with our employees, customers, suppliers, all shareholders and other business partners.

•   Team Spirit
Every employee works by adding value to his work. We work as a team in an open and effective communication environment.

•   Result-oriented
By keeping our goal high, we work result-oriented with the initiative and responsibility we take.

•   Continuous Improvement
We have a culture that supports continuous development, is open to learning and developing.

•   Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibility
It is our main duty to provide a safe environment in our company. We are sensitive to the environment. We care about the environmental impact of our activities.

•   Information Security Responsibility
It sees information as an institutional asset that must be protected in any environment; we protect its confidentiality, integrity and accessibility at the required level.

Training and Development

An “Orientation Program” is implemented under the leadership of our Human Resources Officer in order to facilitate the adaptation of our new employees to the company and to share the corporate culture and values as soon as possible.
All trainings in our company; It is planned considering the requirements of the job and the competencies of the employee. Programs are created that will contribute to the professional development of our employees and support their career plans.

In this process, it is aimed to
•  Develop the competencies necessary for our employees to specialize in their current job,
•  Adapt to the changing conditions in their current job, and,
•  Prepare for the responsibilities they may assume in the future.