Birikim Batteries is a battery manufacturer that has been designing the future with more than 17 years of experience. In partnership with Power-Xtra, BPM Battery Solutions products and global companies such as Panasonic, Varta, SAFT, Tadiran, and Yuasa we maximize efficiency in sectors such as Defense, IT Informatics-Communication, Energy Storage, Health, Light Electric Vehicles, Robotics, Consumer Electronics. With our certified industrial and professional production team, we are always by your side in treatment facilities, testing services, and after-sales services, until you are prepared and trained. We produce customized, safety certified and cost-effective batteries with high energy density, long life and superior charge-discharge capacity. We aim to be an R&D Center under the name BARGEM with a staff of 20 proficient engineers. With laboratories equipped with the latest technology, a comprehensive equipment park, and university-industry cooperation, we develop the following solutions with high added value and innovative designs:

Defense Industry: In order to respond to the demands for advanced technology, precision design, and reliable and high-performance products, we produce battery solutions for many applications as a domestic battery manufacturer in our country; such as UAV, UCAV, UUV, drones, walky talky, night vision binoculars, external tanks, control batteries for the rocket control unit, memory batteries for helicopters.

IT Informatics-Communication: We produce battery solutions such as wireless communication devices, wireless batteries, wireless phone batteries, and GPRS batteries.

Energy Storage: We offer scalable battery solutions that support a variety of applications such as solar panels, small-scale wind applications, and home energy storage systems.

Health: From hospital chains to equipment manufacturers, we design battery solutions for specific needs, with unique power requirements for safe performance, in virtually all critical medical applications in the medical industry.

Light Electric Vehicles: We provide battery solutions that will provide power and maximum performance at long ranges for many applications in light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, scooters, golf carts, and forklifts, which are increasing in usage day by day.

Robotic Systems: With our cooperation with Turkey's leading robot technology companies, we have also undertaken the studies of battery packs specially designed for robots with different needs, and we continue our work in this area steadily. 

Consumer Electronics: We offer special designs for the end consumer electronics that require innovative, reliable solutions with high capacity and energy density, long cycle life, and high charge-discharge characteristics. We design and manufacture batteries for a variety of products, from robotic and vertical vacuum cleaners to electronic toys, drones, and cordless drills.

Birikim Pilleri, which carries out cooperation, export, and business development activities in 17 countries from Iceland to Egypt, from Iraq to Germany, has managed to gain reputation and trust as the "preferred distributor" of many global battery manufacturers, the "preferred business partner" of hundreds of corporate customers and the "preferred supplier" of thousands of end users.

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